It aggregates Shopware plugins as installable Composer packages

Getting Started


Shopware 5 Composer Project or Shopware 6. Guide to switch Shopware 5 from classic installation to composer


  1. Login with your Shopware Account credentials
  2. Copy repository configuration and adjust your repository in your project composer.json
  3. Replace all plugin files with composer require


Will my credentials be saved?

Your shopwareId, password and choosen domain will be encrypted and served as token back to you. This token is important to authenticate you further on Shopware services. On each request the token will be decrypted on server side to get the credentials.
This token is only saved client-side!
Feel free to look into code if you are interested into

Where can I find the source code? Can I host this repository myself?

You can find the source code at Github with a brief setup guide for selfhosting.

Something is not working as expected!

Please send me an Tweet @Shyim97 or Join the Shopware Community Slack. This project is based on API routes of the Shopware store API, which change from time to time.