It aggregates Shopware plugins as installable Composer packages


New Releases

  • HTML Minify plugin v1.0.0
    Name: FroshPlatformHtmlMinify | Composer:
    Deliver minified HTML pages. In addition, this plugin combines and minimizes the JavaScript tags in the HTML. In most cases, savings of 30% can be made.
  • Sysgrade B2B Foundation v1.4.0
    Name: SysgB2bFoundation | Composer:
    The "Sysgrade B2B Foundation" plugin enhances your Shopware 6 onlineshop with various extensions, which are indispensable for professional B2B online trading.
  • Payment costs fees or discount v1.0.2
    Name: DmitsPaymentCost | Composer:
    With this plugin you can add individual extra fees to the different payment methods or give the customer a discount when using one payment method. Also you can defined the fee tax rate
  • Holiday information v1.0.1
    Name: IbrVacationPlugin | Composer:
    During the configurable time period, an information and/or a coloured information banner is displayed in the shop to inform the customer about corresponding delivery delays.
  • eCommerce Integrator Shopware 6 & JTL-Wawi v2020.9.1
    Name: SysgEcommerceIntegrator6 | Composer:
    Synchronize all e-commerce relevant product and transaction data between Shopware 6 and your JTL-Wawi or other ERP systems. Modular, easy to use and customizable.
  • Plugin for Adcell Affiliate Tracking & Retargeting for Shopware 6 v1.0.3
    Name: InvTrackingAdcell | Composer:
    Integrate tracking for Adcell Affiliate into your store: Automatically add all needed tracking pixels. Includes optional retargeting functionality (1st party).
  • Minimum Order Value v1.0.0
    Name: DigaMinimumOrderValue | Composer:
    With the plugin you can easily determine a minimum order value. This makes the 'Buy' button inactive as long as the defined amount has not been reached, incl. a note for the customer.
  • Minimum order value v1.0.0
    Name: AvencyShopwareCore | Composer:
    Increase your sales by defining a minimum order value! Your customer's order cannot be sent until the value is reached. A message is displayed during the ordering process.
  • CLS avoidance through width and height for the shop logo v1.0.1
    Name: TanmarLogoSize | Composer:
    With this plugin you define a fixed size for the shop logo. In this way you can avoid layout shifts and improve the CLS rating measured by Google in Pagespeed Insights.
  • Kiyoh Integration v1.0.0
    Name: ZeobvKiyoh | Composer:
    Integrate the Kiyoh review widget and other Kiyoh functionalities in various places in your store to create trust in your customers boosting conversion rates up to 20%.