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SEO Redirect (Redirect 301 / 302)


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Why SEO redirects

  • No loss of ranking with a relaunch
  • No loss of ranking due to product changes
  • Temporary forwarding for advertising campaigns


Administration: Via Settings > Plugins > SEO Redirect

URLs: Insert old URL and redirection destination with copy and paste

Protocol (http/https): Is automatically recognized, but can be entered with the URL

Setting status code: Temporary (status code 302) or permanent (status code 301)

Activation: Active / not active

Overview: List of all redirects with URLs, status and active

Search function: Via the Shopware search function


Website relaunch - previous pages are redirected to the new pages (permanent redirection). Thereby no ranking losses occur.

Changes in the product range - a well ranking category page has to be dissolved due to a product change. With a 301 redirection you can refer to the new category page.

Short-term advertising - a well ranking category page can temporarily redirect to a special advertising page to present the offer to more customers.

Version: 2.2.3

Name: AcrisSeoRedirectCS
Maintainers: ACRIS E-Commerce GmbH
Released: November 25, 2020
Type: shopware-platform-plugin

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