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SEO Redirect (Redirect 301 / 302)


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Why SEO redirects

  • No loss of ranking with a relaunch
  • No loss of ranking due to product changes
  • Temporary forwarding for advertising campaigns


Administration: Via Settings > Plugins > SEO Redirect

URLs: Insert old URL and redirection destination with copy and paste

Protocol (http/https): Is automatically recognized, but can be entered with the URL

Setting status code: Temporary (status code 302) or permanent (status code 301)

Activation: Active / not active

Overview: List of all redirects with URLs, status and active

Search function: Via the Shopware search function


As of version 2.3.1, this plugin allows you to define SEO redirects using Regular Expressions.

A Regular Expression (or Regex) is a group of characters used to find a pattern within a piece of text.
In the context of redirects, a simple URL match will correspond to exactly one URL. A regex URL can match many URLs.
In addition to matching many URLs, a regular expression can extract information from the source URL and copy it into the destination URL.

An example for better understanding:

A redirect with the source URL /my-url will only ever match requests for /my-url.
A redirect with the source URL /meine-url/.* will match requests for:
And so on.

The important part of /my-url/.* is .*. This is the regular expression part of the URL and is equivalent to saying "take /my-url/ followed by any string".
Although this is very useful for a lot of redirects, this feature is more for advanced users, as creating these regular expressions requires further knowledge. But you don't have to use regular expressions for the redirects, you can still use redirects with an exact match of the URL. If both variants are stored for a URL, exact matches for a redirect are always searched for first. If no exact match is found, regular expressions are checked in the second step.

A guide to the regular expressions including a link to a manual and a cheat sheet can be found in the Shopware admin area in the redirects.


Website relaunch - previous pages are redirected to the new pages (permanent redirection). Thereby no ranking losses occur.

Changes in the product range - a well ranking category page has to be dissolved due to a product change. With a 301 redirection you can refer to the new category page.

Short-term advertising - a well ranking category page can temporarily redirect to a special advertising page to present the offer to more customers.

Version: 2.3.2

Name: AcrisSeoRedirectCS
Maintainers: ACRIS E-Commerce GmbH
Released: May 11, 2021
Type: shopware-platform-plugin

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