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Manu Theme by digital.manufaktur


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Manu is a flexible and performant Shopware 6 theme, developed interdisciplinary by certified Shopware developers. It has a straight focus on the improvement of your conversion rate, doing this with the help of meaningful additional options and a clear and modern appearence.

With our mobile first design Manu is the optimal choice for representing your brand on mobile devices - this way you are well prepared for the future.

By following the shopware 6 coding standards you can also combine your favourite plugins with Manu.

Looking for more?

If you have additional requirements, which are not a part of the Manu Theme, do not hesitate to contact us. As a full service E-Commerce agency we can support you in every part of the shop development. You can either call or contact us via email.

Do something good: Manu by digital.manufaktur 

Version: 2.0.2

Name: DmfManuTheme
Maintainers: digital.manufaktur GmbH
Released: June 9, 2021
Type: shopware-platform-plugin

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