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Step-by-step price calculator for CMS pages


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With the step-by-step price calculator you have the possibility that your future customers can calculate a price overview, e.g. for your various services.

You can define up to 10 steps with any number of selection options per step and store the respective values there. Once the customer has completed all the steps, a summary page appears with all the values of the individual steps and the estimated total price. The customer can also go back steps to the summary page. On the summary page, contact can be made via the standard contact form or a new calculation can be started. In addition, the customer is shown an overview of the individual steps via a progress bar.

The plugin offers many setting options, e.g.

  •     Animation when changing steps
  •     Display of selection options via image or icon
  •     Progress display can be switched on / off (controllable for each device type)
  •     Fade-in / fade-out of the headline of the selection options

You can easily integrate the step-by-step price calculator into your CMS site via the worlds of experience and edit it there.

Free demo

You have a 30-day trial period in which you can put our plugin through its paces. In addition, we have also provided a frontend demo version for you.

Easy setup

The installation and setup of the plugin is very easy and user-friendly. Furthermore, we have provided detailed and comprehensible instructions for you as a download:

Planned extension of the plugin

The following additional features are planned for the plugin by the end of Q1-2021

  •     Multiple selection for choices
  •     Different selection options of the next step based on the selection option chosen in the previous step

When the extended contact forms are implemented in Shopware Core, the mail function will be further extended.

Version: 1.0.1

Name: mart1MwPriceCalculator
Maintainers: Martini Webdesign
Released: January 13, 2021
Type: shopware-platform-plugin

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