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Native Lazy Loading without JS


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With the "native lazy loading without JS" plugin, you can expand your online shop with lazy loading, as is already supported by all common browsers. The advantage of our plugin is that Javascript is not used in the implementation. This means that there is no further CPU load and the rendering time of the page remains low.

What is lazy loading?

In simple terms, LazyLoading means the delayed reloading of content that is not directly required when a page is called up. The most sensible use is, of course, for elements that contain very large amounts of data compared to other content, such as images. Content is only loaded when it needs to be displayed, i.e. shortly before it is displayed in the viewport.

This reduces the loading time when the page is viewed and the customer saves data on a mobile device, for example. Of course, reduced loading times also help to reduce abandoned purchases and improve the performance score on search engines.


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Our plugin offers the possibility to deactivate LazyLoading for the listing or shopping worlds. Simply call up the plugin configuration.

Version: 1.0.1

Name: NimbitsLazyLoadingNext
Maintainers: Nimbits
Released: January 14, 2021
Type: shopware-platform-plugin

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