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Multi Edit for Shopware 6


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The plugin Multi Edit  for Shopware 6 enables you to make multiple changes / batch processing of many different fields. The data to be edited can first be restricted using a filter mask and then a selected field can be edited with different actions.

// Function & instructions

>> Limiting filter

After opening the multiple processing (Settings / Multiple processing), a selection must first be made as to which fields from which area are to be processed.

  • Articles
  • Categories
  • Orders
  • Manufacturer
  • Customers

Then a condition field is selected for filtering. The comparison operator then offers different operators depending on the field type. After entering a value, the filter can be "frozen" and used.

>> Overview

All entities that are selected by the filter are listed in the overview. (Article variants are displayed as individual positions under the main article.)

>> Changes

The field to be edited and the action to be carried out are selected in this area. Different actions are available here depending on the field type.

  • Set (replaces the existing value with the specified value)
  • Append (appends the new value to the end of the old value, useful e.g. for strings)
  • Prepend (adds the new value in front of the old value, useful e.g. for strings)
  • Add (adds the new value to the existing value)
  • Subtract (subtracts the new value from the existing value)

Multiple processing can then be started.

Note: Please use multiple editing with care! It is possible to irrevocably destroy the data in the event of incorrect operation.

We are not responsible for data loss or serious errors caused by incorrect entries!

// Planned features:

  • Complex types (price, link to categories)
  • several filter levels with logical links
  • Editing of additional fields from plugins
  • Log with the changes already made

Version: 1.0.0

Name: NimbitsMultiEditNext
Maintainers: Nimbits
Released: April 21, 2021
Type: shopware-platform-plugin

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