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Do you want your customers to be able to quickly and easily view products without being removed from the shopping experience? With our CMS Extension plugin, you can activate the Quickview feature for your products, regardless of whether they’re listed in a Shopping Experience, landing page, category or shop page.

Another feature of the CMS-Extension is the scroll navigation. With this you have the possibility to set certain scroll points within your world of experience, to name them individually and to guide your customers perfectly through your world of experience.

The Quickview settings can be set in every commerce element and scroll navigation settings can be found on the detail pages of the Shopping Experiences.
This extension is included in the Professional Edition and is made automatically available to you with the purchase of the license.

Features of Quickview

  • Individually configurable in Shopping Experiences
  • Available on category pages, landing pages and shop pages
  • Scroll navigation points can be set and named individually 

Immerse customers in your individually designed shop and present your products in a highlighted feature window without disrupting the shopping experience.

The CMS Extension plugin is updated with additional features on a regular basis*

Additional Professional Edition features for the CMS will be gradually incorporated into Shopware 6 with this plugin:

  • Various Quickview layouts

*Just update the CMS Extension regularly to get the new features!

Version: 2.0.1

Name: SwagCmsExtensions
Maintainers: shopware AG
Released: April 16, 2021
Type: shopware-platform-plugin

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