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Enterprise Search


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Shopware Enterprise Search: Find instead of search

Nearly 80%of users rely exclusively on the search function to find their desired product. For any shop to be truly user friendly, it must include a reliable search function, which in turn increases conversion and customer loyalty in the long term.

Your advantages at a glance 

  • High performance
  • Completely configurable content search
  • Stable performance even with hundreds of thousands of products
  • Perfect logic due to various search metrics, such as stemming, N-gram, dictionaries and stop words
  • Highly scalable
  • Based on Elasticsearch
  • Precise search result management through campaign function and configuration options
  • Content from products, categories, blog posts, or CMS elements can be searched

Version: 3.2.2

Name: SwagEnterpriseSearchPlatform
Maintainers: shopware AG
Released: March 12, 2021
Type: shopware-platform-plugin

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