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This plugin function will already be implemented in Shopware 6. The roadmap will tell you exactly when the import/export function for Shopware 6 is scheduled to be released:

Importing and exporting product and customer data, categories as well as product images is a standard task of any shop owner. Keeping that in mind, Shopware wants to make it as easy as possible for you to quickly edit inventory, prices or even perform a customized import.  Shopware’s advanced feature "Import/Export" is a valuable extension to the default Import/Export module: it allows you to define CSV and XML formats and export your data as such. Furthermore you can import existing formats (i.e. from your manufacturer) following a one-time configuration. This advanced feature also comes with a massive performance boost in comparison to the default module and supports large amounts of data. It is also possible to import files via shell command or cron job using this extension.  A well-organized overview allows you to review, download or repeat all past imports and exports. 
Overview of all features:
  • ​Create own XML / CSV formats
  • Convert data during import / export
  • Log of any operation
  • History of all imports / export and the possibility to download / re-run those imports / exports
  • Limit / filter product and order exports
  • Automatic imports via cron job
  • Shell command-line tool

Version: 2.10.8

Name: SwagImportExport
Maintainers: shopware AG
Released: April 22, 2021
Type: shopware-backend-plugin

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